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What we do for you

We go beyond traditional lending. We tailor our services to align with your unique financial aspirations, ensuring that whether you're a borrower, an investor, or a mortgage broker, you're equipped with solutions that pave the way for success.

For Borrowers

Crafting mortgage solutions that resonate with your individual needs. At Iron Funding, we understand the unique financial landscape of London, ON. Whether you're seeking first or second mortgages, residential financing, or specialized renovation financing, we have the expertise to guide you. Our tailored approach ensures that every borrower finds the right fit for their financial journey.

For Investors

Invest with confidence in a diversified and secured pool of mortgages. Iron Funding offers a transparent investment process, ensuring stable returns. By owning shares in our Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), you're not just investing in mortgages; you're becoming part of a company that manages a diversified portfolio, ensuring your investments are always in safe hands.

For Mortgage Brokers

Expand your portfolio with our comprehensive mortgage offerings. Iron Funding is more than just a lending institution; we're a partner that understands the intricacies of the mortgage world. With a focus on both residential and commercial real estate in Ontario, we provide brokers with alternative lending solutions that big banks can't offer. Our team's vast experience in mortgage lending, origination, underwriting, and risk management ensures that you and your clients receive the best in the industry

Our Approach Crafting Tailored Mortgage Solutions with Transparency

Our Winning Model: We believe in creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.


Whether you have impeccable credit, are new to Canada, or face financial challenges, we have mortgage alternatives tailored for you.


Whether you have impeccable credit, are new to Canada, or face financial challenges, we have mortgage alternatives tailored for you.


Our shareholders enjoy secure and consistent interest payments from a well-managed MIC.

Our Process

Iron Funding thrives on simplicity and efficiency. We raise capital by selling preferred shares to discerning investors. These funds are then meticulously pooled and lent to eligible mortgage borrowers. The resulting interest income, or the net profits, are equitably distributed amongst our shareholders.

Our Guiding Principles

Empower through Knowledge

Equip clients with essential insights for informed decisions.

Unwavering Commitment

Deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.

Build Lasting Relationships

Prioritize trust and transparency in every interaction.

Innovate Continuously

Lead with the latest and most effective mortgage solutions.

Champion Financial Growth

Strategize for the prosperity of clients and stakeholders.

Dedication to Excellence

Uphold the highest standards in all our endeavors.

A Personal Note from Our Vice President

For two decades, Ken Roberts has been a beacon of reliability and expertise in the Canadian mortgage landscape. His steadfast dedication to empowering Canadians in building a robust financial foundation is evident in every endeavor he undertakes. Ken’s specialization in residential and private mortgages has enabled countless clients to realize their financial aspirations. His vast experience, complemented by a network of strategic alliances, makes him an invaluable asset to both professionals and clients.

Areas of expertise
  • Residential Mortgage Solutions
  • Private Mortgage Financing
  • Client Experience Enhancement
  • Professional Mentorship in Mortgage Lending
  • Strategic Alliances in Private Lending

Ken Roberts Vice President








Iron Funding is a leading mortgage investment corporation based in London, Ontario, dedicated to providing tailored mortgage solutions for borrowers, offering investment opportunities for investors, and partnering with mortgage brokers to expand their portfolio.

A MIC is an investment and lending company specifically designed for mortgage lending, primarily residential. By investing in a MIC, you’re essentially investing in a diversified and secured pool of mortgages.

Unlike traditional banks, Iron Funding offers more flexible lending solutions, especially for those who might not meet the strict criteria of mainstream financial institutions. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met.

Simply visit our ‘Borrowers’ page or contact us directly. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring you receive a mortgage solution tailored to your needs.

Iron Funding provides a stable and secure investment platform. We manage a diversified and secured pool of mortgages, ensuring that our investors receive consistent returns. Our track record and expertise in the field make us a preferred choice for many.

We offer mortgage brokers a comprehensive range of mortgage products to enhance their portfolio. Our flexible lending solutions mean that brokers can cater to a wider range of clients, even those with unique financial situations.

At Iron Funding, risk management is a top priority. Our experienced team ensures that all mortgages in our portfolio are secured and undergo a thorough vetting process. Additionally, our diversified approach further mitigates risks.

The management of the mortgage fund is under the expert direction of our team, including seasoned professionals like Cliff Hardick, who brings decades of lending experience to the table.


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