Unlock a World of Financial Opportunities with Iron Funding

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London, ON, Iron Funding stands as a pillar of financial strength and reliability. We’re not just a lending institution; we’re your partners in crafting mortgage solutions that resonate with your individual needs

At Iron Funding, every step you take is backed by our expertise and unwavering commitment. Let’s embark on this journey together, sculpting mortgage solutions that are just right for you.

Lending Criteria at a Glance

Repayment Terms:

  • Terms: 6 or 12 months.
  • Interest-only monthly payments.
  • Fixed mortgages with a three-month penalty for early discharges.
  • Customizable payment options.

Lending Products:

  • First and Second Mortgages.
  • Residential Financing.
  • Construction Financing.

Property Types:

  • Single Family Homes.
  • Multi-family Rentals.
  • Condominiums.
  • Recreational Properties.
  • Vacant Plots.

Loan to Value & Legalities:

  • Up to 75% financing for both mortgages.
  • Valuation by approved appraisers.
  • Mortgages processed by our legal team.
  • Borrowers cover legal fees.
  • Mandatory title insurance.

Borrower Qualifications:

  • No strict GDS/TDS ratios.
  • Services for diverse profiles: self-employed, commission earners, non-income verifiers, and newcomers.
  • Solutions: purchases, refinances, equity take-outs, debt consolidations.
  • Support for financial challenges.
  • Clear mortgage purpose and exit strategy.

Loan to Value & Legal Protocols:

  • Explore financing solutions with up to 80% coverage for your first or second mortgage needs.
  • Property valuation entrusted to Iron Funding's approved appraisers.
  • Seamless mortgage funding and closure via Iron Funding's legal team.
  • All legal fees are borne by the borrower.
  • Title insurance is a non-negotiable for added security.
Transparent Rates

Rates are meticulously determined post a thorough Risk Adjudication.

Lender Fees

Competitive fees, starting as low as 1%.

Our Commitment to You

Your dreams and aspirations drive our commitment. At Iron Funding, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every interaction is a testament to our pledge of excellence, transparency, and personalized care.

Unlocking Doors One Application at a Time

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