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At Iron Funding, we have a focused, conservative, and streamlined business process. Capital is raised by selling preferred shares to qualified investors, pooling these funds, and strategically lending them to eligible borrowers. Profits generated are distributed among shareholders or automatically reinvested to achieve a higher return (upon individual investor request). Iron Funding investors receive a multitude of benefits, including monthly dividends, professional management (our team has over 100 years of combined experience), and strategic diversification.

Transparency Always

Clear communication ensures you know where your capital is used.

Competitive Returns

Tailored strategies offer consistent, attractive rates for investors.

Trusted Expertise

Our seasoned team, with a century's experience, manages with precision.

Local Insight, Global Excellence

Deep understanding of London, Ontario market optimizes returns.

Diverse Investment Avenues

From mortgages to renovations, we cater to all investor tastes.

Digital Ease

Our portal offers real-time access to investments and statements.

Yield Performance Overview

At Iron Funding, we set ambitious targets and consistently strive to not only meet but exceed them. Our bar chart illustrates the monthly yield targets juxtaposed with the actual yields achieved. This transparent representation underscores our commitment to delivering on our promises and showcases our track record of consistent performance. Witness firsthand how our strategic investments and expert management have consistently met and often surpassed our monthly objectives.

Investment Distribution Overview

Investing locally in London, Ontario, is at the heart of Iron Funding’s strategy. Our commitment to the local market ensures a deep understanding of its nuances, allowing us to make informed and strategic investment decisions. The pie chart showcases our dedication to local investments, emphasizing our belief in the growth and potential of London, Ontario. Here’s why our local focus sets us apart:

  • In-depth Market Knowledge: Our familiarity with London, Ontario, gives us an edge in identifying prime investment opportunities.

  • Community Commitment: By investing locally, we contribute to the growth and development of our community.

  • Risk Management: Our local expertise allows us to better assess and manage potential risks associated with each investment.

  • Consistent Monitoring: Being local means we can continuously monitor our investments, ensuring optimal performance.

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“In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, Iron Funding stands as a beacon of stability and growth. Our commitment isn’t just to our investors; it’s to the future of sound, strategic mortgage investments. Together, we’re not just building portfolios; we’re shaping the future of investment.”

Dani Hanna
Vice President, Director

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