Cliff Hardick President

Areas of expertise
  • Residential Mortgage Solutions
  • Private Mortgage Financing
  • Client Experience Enhancement
  • Professional Mentorship in Mortgage Lending
  • Strategic Alliances in Private Lending

Cliff Hardick has an extensive lending history over several decades. He has a long career as a lender, charged with risk management for a privately managed mortgage portfolio. He has also been very instrumental in assisting other professionals and businesses in management of their own mortgage portfolios. Additionally, Cliff has a considerable history of working with Mortgage Brokers to select safe investment mortgages for private portfolio placement.

He has personal experience preserving capital and earning returns during volatile times, including 1981, when bank prime pushed past 20% interest. Because of this history, Cliff has developed a qualified lens to look at Risk Management. His expertise made it possible to keep portfolios as safe as possible during at least three severe downturns in the economy, when investment in Real Estate Markets and the Stock Markets caused extreme losses to other investors.

contact details

(226) 777-5888
204 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1S4

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